Mdina Biennal 2023_The lost and found Goddesses

Curated by Rosanna Ruscio, Paolo Cortese “It is a short space that suggests infinity”: with these words Jean Grenier defines the Mediterranean. With its problems and its myriad resources, the Mediterranean stands there to remind us of the challenges we face and the need for the salvation of the planet through the realization that everyone’s […]

The Butterfly Effect

Curated by Kostas Prapoglou Non-profit cultural organization Artefact Athens presents The Butterfly Effect, a contemporary art exhibition curated by Kostas Prapoglou, which will take place in numerous spaces of the prominent textile industry “Butterfly Threads – Mouzakis”. The conceptual framework of the curatorial practice of this exhibition involves a poetic and allegorical metaphor of the […]

Transfigurations _Canvases of the future

Curated by Paolo Cortese Fernando Sebastiani‚Äôs donation of precious original linen and cotton cloth made by his grandmother Elvira between 1920 and 1950 with a domestic loom, takes the form of a unique cultural encounter. Thanks to the intervention of the invited artists, these precious artifacts can continue to narrate a unique love story to […]