Curated by Simona Campus and Paolo Cortese
The exhibition CARNET DE MON VOYAGE traces Francesca Cataldi’s artistic journey, presenting a reading and re-interpretation of her work, as an unfolding narrative consisting of many tales. An ‘unconventional’ library of heterodox, hybrid books, born out of the collision and mutual acceptance and appreciation of different elements, and of the many materials that the artist chooses to experiment with, unfolds and organises itself along the exhibition itinerary.

CARNET DE MON VOYAGE is the result of a collaboration between the MUACC and Gramma_Epsilon Gallery in Athens, marking another milestone in a shared commitment to research, study and appreciation of work by female artists who have contributed significantly to the innovation of contemporary Italian art history.

Museo universitario delle arti
e delle culture contemporanee

06.06.2024 – 13.09.2024

Via Santa Croce, 63
Cagliari (Italy)
+39 070 675 5330