Curated by Rosanna Ruscio, Paolo Cortese

“It is a short space that suggests infinity”: with these words Jean Grenier defines the Mediterranean. With its problems and its myriad resources, the Mediterranean stands there to remind us of the challenges we face and the need for the salvation of the planet through the realization that everyone’s contribution is needed.

Precisely because of this, it would be useful to think for the Medina Biennial (Malta) the women artists who saw the Mediterranean as a metaphor for a paradigm shift, the possibility of evoking a rebirth. The fact that these are women artists is not to be overlooked, especially since the theme of the Mediterranean in the years between the 1970s and 1990s, the years when most of these women artists were very active, seemed to have marginal aesthetic potential. The themes addressed in their works are borders, plots and warps, as a metaphor for life, an allegory on the idea of travel, exchange and memory. These are artworks by Goddesses who lost and found the perenniality of the theme, of Goddesses rediscovered as evidence of a current discours.

Artists Mirella Bentivoglio, Francesca Cataldi, Chiara Diamantini, Elisabetta Gut, Gisella Meo, Maria Jole Serreli, Greta Schödl, and Franca Sonnino