Curated by Kostas Prapoglou

Non-profit cultural organization Artefact Athens presents The Butterfly Effect, a contemporary art exhibition curated by Kostas Prapoglou, which will take place in numerous spaces of the prominent textile industry “Butterfly Threads – Mouzakis”. The conceptual framework of the curatorial practice of this exhibition involves a poetic and allegorical metaphor of the butterfly effect that lends its name to the title. Curator Kostas Prapoglou invites 41 contemporary artists to present works that will respond to this unique space (site-specific) and context, creating with their visual, multidisciplinary vocabulary, installations, video, sculptures and painting.

Gramma_Epsilon Gallery participates through a site-specific installation of two Italian women fiber artists of different generations: Franca Sonnino and Maria Jole Serreli. Through a grandiose cocoon-installation, made by Serreli, which embraces Sonnino’s textile piece, the project highlights the dialogical relation between intergenerational and collective narratives of fiber art in relation to the space and the history of the Athenian factory.

Artists Maria Jole Serreli, Franca Sonnino