Curated by Paolo Cortese

Fernando Sebastiani’s donation of precious original linen and cotton cloth made by his grandmother Elvira between 1920 and 1950 with a domestic loom, takes the form of a unique cultural encounter. Thanks to the intervention of the invited artists, these precious artifacts can continue to narrate a unique love story to the visitors within the extraordinary scenery of Gubbio.

The artists have interpreted this story, each of them according to the specificity of their language of love which, however, was only the incipit of a story yet to be written. The total freedom with which they worked the sheets allowed them to create highly original works where the memory of the past is composed in a new vision, achieved through an individual creative process.
A particular tribute is dedicated to Oscar Piattella, who recently died, and who therefore is present with a virtual intervention carried out on one of the sheets thanks to the precious of the Oscar Piattella archive.

Artists Toni Bellucci, Vito Capone, Federica Luzzi, Francesca Nicchi, Oscar Piattella, Marilena Scavizzi, Greta Schödl, Maria Jole Serreli, Franca Sonnino