Francesca Cataldi_Carnet de mon voyage


Curated by Simona Campus and Paolo Cortese The exhibition CARNET DE MON VOYAGE traces Francesca Cataldi’s artistic journey, presenting a reading and re-interpretation of her work, as an unfolding narrative consisting of many tales. An ‘unconventional’ library of heterodox, hybrid books, born out of the collision and mutual acceptance and appreciation of different elements, and […]

XX Biennale Donna

Curated by Sofia Gotti and Caterina Iaquinta The 20th Women’s Biennial in Ferrara, to which Gramma_Epsilon had the honour to contribute with the loan of 3 works by Amalia Etlinger, an artist very close to Mirella Bentivoglio and to whom they are also dedicated. Biennale Donna, a historic event dedicated to contemporary female creativity promoted […]

COSMOS_The Volcano lover

Curated by Sonia D’Alto, organized by the BTS Como Arte Foundation. The exhibition is dedicated to the figure of Pliny the Elder, a source of inspiration for many contemporary artists, 2000 years after his birth. Alongside works by international artists there will be finds from the Paolo Giovio Civic Archaeological Museum in Como, the Natural […]

Mdina Biennal 2023_The lost and found Goddesses

Curated by Rosanna Ruscio, Paolo Cortese “It is a short space that suggests infinity”: with these words Jean Grenier defines the Mediterranean. With its problems and its myriad resources, the Mediterranean stands there to remind us of the challenges we face and the need for the salvation of the planet through the realization that everyone’s […]

The Butterfly Effect

Curated by Kostas Prapoglou Non-profit cultural organization Artefact Athens presents The Butterfly Effect, a contemporary art exhibition curated by Kostas Prapoglou, which will take place in numerous spaces of the prominent textile industry “Butterfly Threads – Mouzakis”. The conceptual framework of the curatorial practice of this exhibition involves a poetic and allegorical metaphor of the […]

Franca Sonnino / Gabetti & Isola

In the temporary exhibition titled ‘Franca Sonnino / Gabetti & Isola’, design gallery Jochum Rodgers presents works by Franca Sonnino (born in 1932): the emblematic Rome-based fiber artist who rebuilds the world with a skein of iron wire and a few spools of cotton thread. Together with her works, the exhibition also displays furniture pieces […]