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Anna Esposito


Curated by Paolo Cortese and Francesco Romano Petillo

14.03 - 15.06.2024

Gramma_Epsilon Gallery in Athens is pleased to inaugurate on Thursday, March 14th the solo exhibition FUTURANNA dedicated to the groundbreaking Italian artist, Anna Esposito.

Two years after her latest solo exhibition, this exhibition, curated by Paolo Cortese and Francesco Romano Petillo, presents 30 works that date from the 1960s to the early 2000s in which the artist centers her critical gaze towards consumerism and the culture of waste, as demonstrated by the title of the exhibition which refers to Futurama, the famous New York exhibit of 1939.


Through the technique of collage, the use of recuperated materials, and the collection of discarded products and rescued advertising images, Anna Esposito engages her art around the practice of recycling, her refusal of complying with the wastefulness dictated by the dominant mass culture, the reduction of waste, and the repurposing of objects which have been rendered obsolete by the speed of capitalist economy.

Foregrounding her critique against mass production and consumerist entertainment since the early 1970s, her sharp ecological and political commentaries are very much relevant under the scope of today’s gravity regarding climate change, and the necessity of developing a culture of degrowth in order to secure a viable future.

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