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Perspectives of 20 female

08.02 - 09.03.2024

“Mediterranean Disturbances”, is a project divided into two distinct exhibitions that create a dialogue around the concept of the Mediterranean, not only as a physical place, a basin between lands and the eternal cradle of civilization, but also as a cerebral space, a metaphor and a virtual space of a future that presents itself today more than ever as uncertain, complete with many pressing problems.

‘Conjuncting’ and ‘acting as a bridge’ represent two core values which underpin the gallery’s mission, clearly demonstrated in these two exhibitions which connect both Italian and Greek artists.

The project is organized under the auspices of the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens and the Lettera_E Archive of Rome.

The ground floor of the gallery features “The Lost and Found Goddesses”, an exhibition curated by Paolo Cortese and Rosanna Ruscio, which was shown in Malta in November 2023 as part of the 4th edition of the APS Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale.The exhibition brings together the work of 10 significant Italian artists, most of them active since the 1970s, years in which the phenomenon of globalisation was still a science fiction hypothesis. The works on display comprise fiber art, book objects, visual poetry, interventions on the territory and offer original perspectives on the theme of the Mediterranean. Starting from an investigation into the past and analysing a present which then projects itself onto the future, these works induce reflection while providing an important key to understanding what the Mediterranean has meant in the last fifty years and the influence it has had on generations of artists.

Artists: Mirella Bentivoglio, Francesca Cataldi, Chiara Diamantini, Anna Esposito, Elisabetta Gut, Gisella Meo, Patrizia Molinari, Greta Schödl, Maria Jole Serreli, Franca Sonnino

mediterranean disturbances

On the Sea of my Tttttongue” is the title of the group exhibition on the first floor. Here, Athenian curator Caterina Stamou has invited 10 young Greek artists whose works engage in a different and reciprocal relationship with the sea, thereby visualising new affective, material and cultural gestures. An exciting new project in which Gramma_Epsilon exhibits young Greek artists for the first time, this show opens up new ways of perceiving differences and elements of contact, and receiving suggestions and critical issues within this short space” that Jean Grenier suggests to us.

Artists: Mairy Antonopoulou, Maria Ikonomopoulou, Marianna Karava, Athina Koumparouli, Elina Niarchou, Astra Papachristodoulou, Irene Ragusini, Elektra Stampoulou, Eirini Tiniakou, Myrto Vratsanou