Marilla Battilana

In Battilana’s work the visualization of performative poetry is harmonized and fused with the flutter of a heartbeat, or an eyelid. Her poetry is composed with a neo idealistic philosophical stance (in Greek poiein means to do). It exudes life-giving erudition and philology; it has a solid literary and pictorial background, with linguistic and philological […]

Mirella Bentivoglio

Mirella Bentivoglio  (Klagenfurt 1922 – Rome 2017) Mirella Bentivoglio was a poet, artist, critic, curator and a key figure in the Italian and international verbo-visual art scene. She was born in Klagenfurt, Austria, in 1922, to Italian parents and had a multilingual upbringing in German-speaking Switzerland and in England (where she obtained her Proficiency diploma […]

Tomaso Binga

ME: TOMASO BINGA, I was born in Salerno last century, but I live and work in Rome. I have always loved poetry since I was very young (I wrote my first poems when I was ten years old). I began working as an artist in the early sixties, but only really came out in ’71, […]

Francesca Cataldi

Francesca Cataldi (Napoli 1944) I was born in the city of Naples and received an urban education in a city that has been urban since the Greek era. My focus is not a historical pedantry, but it is the need to identify myself in a social reality to which I belong while over time I […]

Betty Danon

Betty Danon (Istanbul 1927 – Milano 2002) (…) All my work is based on a dynamic and dialectic research within an interior dimension invariably centred on man as a spectator and protagonist in a world of endless combinations and probabilities… all considered a big enigma about what concerns being and becoming, the happenings of micro […]

Chiara Diamantini

Chiara Diamantini extracts phrases from famous pages in literature (Shakespeare, Leopardi, Nietzsche, Kafka, Eliot, Breton and others) and assembles them in a strict visual order: her citation of the published word, which she extracts from the original metric or narrative text, (using graphics, colours, materials, photographs or small transfers) take on new meaning without harming […]

Anna Esposito

“It is difficult to place Anna Esposito’s art in a specific artistic category, trend or group. She spreads herself out in the world of imagination and fantasy with total technical freedom and inventiveness, using every kind of old and new material. Right from the start her works appear as conglomerates of the most varied pieces […]

Amelia Etlinger

Amelia purposely isolated herself away from others in New York and confined her poetry to the non-vulnerable space of her own four walls. Even when she won the Fels Award in 1975 she managed to be forgotten afterwards. Her friends helped her set up two personal exhibitions at the Mercato del sale in Milan in […]

Fernanda Fedi

I believe that asemic visual poetry is the necessity of absolute participation and the necessity of thought, where the hand’s gesture and its Sign are allowed to move freely on the sheet, capturing vibrations of your own emotion and your own thought. The work develops in its becoming, there’s no preparation, it’s an internal project […]