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Tokyo 1944


Chima Sunada is a Japanese artist born in Tokyo in 1944.

During her childhood she approached the sacred art of Sho-do calligraphy in which she graduated and taught for decades.

In the 70’s, she came in contact with Japanese concrete poetry, and thanks to the recommendation of a university professor, she decided to join the ASA poetry group and began to compose concrete poems.

After the experience in the group and the precious knowledge of Mirella Bentivoglio, whom she defines as a teacher, she gives life to her refined and sensitive vision in which the ideogram seeks the pictogram, identifying an inner connection that is translated into a sign, coming from reflections of her daily life.

Critical text

Her art, in this way becomes universal, the ideogram is transformed into a symbol readable by every human eye, an image in the image.

Her language as energy is conceived by the mind and the heart and then delicately transmitted by the hands with which she traces an inner poetry, a sho-poetry, through the brush.

_Giulia Mastrangelo