Marilla Battilana


Marilla Battilana (Milano 1932 - Udine 2021)

In Battilana’s work the visualization of performative poetry is harmonized and fused with the flutter of a heartbeat, or an eyelid. Her poetry is composed with a neo idealistic philosophical stance (in Greek poiein means to do). It exudes life-giving erudition and philology; it has a solid literary and pictorial background, with linguistic and philological knowledge. Her painting is like a poem and her poetry is like a painting. Her diachronic works pulsate with the same lifeblood as her synchronic works. Sometimes scientific, sometimes poetic. They are never meaningless. Battilana extracts from honeycombs and harvests poetic honey. Battilana is a wild silk butterfly poet.

(Franco Verdi)



Mirella Bentivoglio