Maria Jole Serreli


ph. by Veronica Muntoni

Maria Jole Serreli (Rome, 1975)

Maria Jole `Serreli lives and works in Sardinia, often using inspirations from the archaic traditional substance of her surroundings.

She is a multi-faceted artist whose expressivity includes poetry and performance. Her relationship with the material of her artworks becomes more focused by the thread of fiber art, in which, for years, she has been a very well appreciated exponent, through exhibitions and performances in Italy and abroad.
Her art embraces the concept of respect and value of the domestic life, where in the everyday simple objects lives the intimate memory that bond us to our affections.

The artist aims also to honor, with grace and poetry, the feminine archetype: the intricate “nest” of threads becomes a safe place where we can abandon ourselves, protected and healed as if into a silk cocoon.

In fact, the featured artworks: old embroidered domestic textiles, paintings, pieces of woods and real bushes, assembled together in delicate and poetic compositions, re-create the feeling of vital energies. Like the Chinese gongshi, playing with the black ink, white faded rags and the raw organic nature of the wood, they invite to meditation and to an ethereal harmonic and well balanced world which, moreover, in actual time represent a very impressive message that, through art becomes even more fundamental.



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